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Rogueweapon from Trojan Trolls appears to have had a brain implosion of sorts and lost his supercarrier to a bunch of Goons in a capital fleet.

One of the guys from another corporation within the Scrap Iron Flotilla alliance was overheard saying, "Ive never heard of anyone doing such downs syndrome acts with their supercarrier, litterally the biggest derp I've come across".

When asked what this unfortunate pilot did wrong, the following was offered as some of the obvious mistakes;

1. Not in comms weith the rest of the fleet

2. Not "in the loop" of hat was going on with that moon

3. Lighting a cyno and jumping while there was enoguth subs to take out the Rorqual

4. Doing all this is US (Goon) prime time on a weekend!

Interestingly, this all happened in MQFX-Q which is next door to the Scrap Iron Flotilla home system of N5Y-4N.

The headshed of the Scrap Iron Flotilla are likely to be not impressed with this latest mistake as they try to establish themselves as a small but capable Null Sec PVP Alliance within the northern parts of the EVE Universe.


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