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Burn Venal

Friday, 10 May 2013
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Burn Venal


The CFC has swung into action recently with the coalition’s fleets being spotted in multiple locations around Venal putting POS’s into reinforced before moving on to the next system to target. This occurred throughout last weekend possibly from the 3rd of May through to the 5th and resulted in multiple battles as well as stragglers of the CFC fleet getting picked off as they moved through systems to bridging locations.


Speculation has been that the CFC is attempting to clear as many moons as possible before the Odyssey expansion of Eve-Online which goes live in less than 4 weeks with its introduction of new moons available for mining and new reactions for Tech 2 component building. The CFC has also done this in the past as an attempt to push residents of Venal out of the NPC space they live in. The main targets of these actions appear to be The Retirement Club (401K), Black Legion (MEN.) and Scrap Iron Flotilla (SCRAP) with multiple POS’s of each alliance coming under attack over the 3 day period. The main fight however would occur in N5Y-4N on Sunday night Australian time and from around 08:00 Eve time in Venal with the objective of defending a reinforced large SCRAP tower from the CFC fleet.


The fleet was formed up with a composition of Rokh’s and shield logistics with a combination of SCRAP, NC., S2N, and The Kadeshi as the defending side in the system with a pilot count of over 200. One of the POS’s was coming out of reinforced and was repped up and re-stronted with the fleet waiting on word of what the CFC fleet was up to. Finally word came that the CFC fleet which had similar numbers, and being led by Fawlty7, was entering the system next to N5Y, 6W-HRH, which resulted in the defenders setting up at the 6W- gate in N5Y waiting for the opposition to jump in. Which the CFC fleet obliged on, with short range ammo loaded the Rokh fleet waited for the decloak and for primaries to be announced while the logistics ships waited for shield broadcasts.


The CFC decloaked their Maelstroms and started firing alpha into the Rokh’s while a small contingent of Celestis went for the SCRAP & Co. logistics and targets of opportunity. While this was occurring a cyno was lit and capital fleet jumped into system, with around 20 dreadnaughts and 30 carriers with Dabigredboat (DBRB) and the fight was on! Rokh’s were targeted, painted and webbed while blap dreads went to work taking them out until the defending fleet was forced to warp out due to the combined fire power with nearly 500 pilots in local and 10% TiDi kicking in.


After forcing their opponents off the gate the CFC fleet proceeded to reinforce the repaired POS as well as reinforcing a customs office. While this was occurring probes were launched by the defenders and attackers and warp-in’s obtained on the CFC sub-capital fleet at 100KM ranges with the CFC sub-cap fleet repositioning itself as well. Interdictors were used on both sides to hold targets in position while skirmishing occurred on the edges of both fleets between fast tackle and recons that could not reach enemy battleships as well as instances of pods being popped at the sun and fighting on the station on the NPC station in the system.


TiDi fluctuated between 20-35% at times with both sides taking large amounts of damage in multiple engagements over the course of the 2 hours leading up to down time with the fleets fighting up until 3 minutes before down time was to start, blown up ships being replaced with stock from inside the station and some pilots losing 2,3 or even 4 ships over the hours of fighting. With the SCRAP fleet having logged off in a POS shield as DT hit pilots waited on comms and jabber for the word that the server had restarted and that logging in could commence.


With the server up the fleet was reformed and reinforcements bridged in from outside systems to help against the CFC. After a reorganisation of the fleet the defenders were ready to go when a call went out that a Revelation had been found and was well out of range of assistance. The defenders jumped at the chance to avenge their blapped brethren and started firing on the lone capital, the call went out for the Rokh’s to align back and then to overheat their guns as the CFC fleet began to respond with urgency, finally the dreadnaught exploded and the Rokh’s warped out! http://scrap.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=17625913


In less than 20 minutes the same feat was to occur again, this time with a Moros which was to suffer the same fate with overloaded weapons sending it to an explosive grave http://scrap.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=17626046. Fighting continued on when the opportunity presented itself with some small losses on both sides as well as the capital fleet being jumped out. Until the last large engagement resulted in some losses as well as hero reps catching multiple Rohk’s in structure and pulling them back from the brink of the Maelstroms alpha while the CFC fleet lost ships.


Finally after close to 5 hours of fighting the CFC fleet left the system and started to move down the pipe from N5Y, there was an attempt to head them off by jump bridging to a system further down the one way pipe but the CFC were not interested in further engagements and the defenders returned to N5Y to find drones, drones everywhere around the 6W- gate.


In the end over the course of the weekend Black Legion lost 4 large POS’s and 5 medium’s across 6 systems, 401K lost 5 large and 2 medium POS’s in 1 system and SCRAP lost 1 large in 1 system. All can agree though that after a distinct lack of large fleet action in the Australian time zone for months that this was the most fun had in a long, long time.


Unfixed N5Y battle report: http://scrap.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_related&kll_id=17626046

Black Legion Medium POS losses: http://www.black-legion.ca/killboard/?a=home&view=losses&y=2013&m=05&scl_id=36


Black Legion Large POS losses: http://www.black-legion.ca/killboard/?a=home&view=losses&y=2013&m=05&scl_id=3


401K Large POS losses:







EVE in 2012

Thursday, 10 January 2013
Published in Latest News

As part of the Year In Review 2012 episode of the the EVE Down Under Show on netGameRadio a time lapse video was produced of the EVE Influence Map showing in two and a half minutes the daily changes that occurred during 2012.

The EVE in 2012 video provides a good summary of major conflicts that happened in Null Sec during the year, and some of the more subtle changes in sov holdings.


A Game Of Numbers

Wednesday, 18 July 2012
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Dark Razer provides his take on the current state of Null Sec and questions what we can look forward to in the coming months.

Tech Wars: The Battle of 42XJ-N

Sunday, 22 July 2012
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22 July 2012 Tech Wars: The Battle of 42XJ-N      

The Nights Legion is joined by new allies in its forever war against the Others.

Black Legion struck while Goons are still half deployed south, reinforcing a C0nvicted tech moon in Venal.  Goons formed to defend it on exit timers, but were only able to rally about 100 drakes.  

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