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Destruction in Delve

Monday, 27 May 2013
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Destruction In Delve:


The last week has seen extensive fighting in the region of Delve and the nearby low sec regions as multiple alliances have piled into the area in order to take moons and get fights. Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) has lost multiple POS’s in Aridia to Northern Coalition (NC.), Scrap Iron Flotilla (SCRAP), Nulli Secunda (S2N) while several low sec based alliances Drunk ‘n’ Disorderly (DnD), Lost Obsession and Unprovoked Aggression have been grabbing moons in Aridia, Querious and Period Basis.


SCRAP and NC. took out at least 7 POS’s last week destroying 5 large towers in the Nalnifan system and some mediums in the Huna system without contest. Small to medium gang action has been abundant with fights occurring throughout 1DH, 1-SMEB and NOL-M9 with frigate, cruiser and battle cruiser gangs roaming around to shoot TEST or CFC elements that have set themselves up in the area with the CFC operating out of the 1DH system. Such as these kills in the A-ELE2 system involving SCRAP and the CFC against former HBC elements. [Editor: What is the world coming to when we see SCRAP and CFC on the same side!]


There have also been larger scale fights such as this fairly even numbers fight of around 130 pilots on each side in NOL-M9 with NC. and Pandemic Legion (PL) on one side against TEST and extensive camps with bubbles as well as roaming gangs with interdictors hunting for kills.


The area around 1-SMEB has become a hotbed of activity with TEST along with its allies twice bringing over 1200 pilots with 7 different fleets showing up to the weekend fight to defend the system against PL, CFC and NC. fleets who have come into the system in search of fights and there have also been several capital battles occurring with NC. loosing 3 dreadnaughts and 2 carriers to TEST capitals and super capitals in one of these engagements in NOL-M9.

HBC Nightmare

Monday, 27 May 2013
Published in Latest News

As part of a new expanded coverage of EVE from an AUTZ perspective, we bring you an interesting kill from  Chiimera and his mates in Razor Alliance.


So the story goes, this kill involved Chiimera and his black ops mates waiting patiently for any poor unsuspecting target to show up on their scans.


You might imagine their surprise when they saw a Nightmare battleship and Chiimera could not believe his luck when he manged to tackle the Nightmare on a gate. 


After managing to break the tackle and jump through the gate, the Nightmare pilot could have been forgiven for thinking he had got away. Unfortunately for him, Chiimera also had a Proteus burning toward the original tackled system and met the Nightmare as he jumped through. The Proteus managed to lock up the Nightmare until the others could count down their aggression timers and jump though and effect the kill.


At the same time, the Nightmare pilot had called for backup, but yet again fortune was not smiling on the Nightmare pilot and his Thanatos mate turned up a little too late.


Chiimera and friends now started thinking they may be able to effect a Carrier kill, but alas, they lacked the required DPS, so warped off, content with a 3.2billion ISK on their killboard.


From all reports, the kill-fest in Delve continues, with virtually everyone from Null Sec getting in on the action.


If you have a really interesting story of a fight involving Australians, we would love to here from you and publish your story. 


Please contact me either in game (nGR RDNx) or via email rdnx at netgameradio dot com.

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