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AUTZ Corp List - Summary

  • Thursday, 23 May 2013

This is a list of corporations that are known to have an active presence in the Australian timezone above the 2-3 "token" Aussies that every corp in EVE appears to have! 

For in game guidance on finding the best AUTZ corp for you.. join the "EVE Down Under" chat channel.







3-Strikes Nulli Secunda   Null Sec PVP 101 

Formed out of the ashes of Convicted Alliance.

Key Members: Eric Xallen, vipkiller, Joshua Blue.  

ANZAC Alliance Against ALL Authorities Null Sec PVP 244

One of the older and larger AUTZ groups within EVE.

Key Members: Rooman

Assisted Genocide Unprovoked Aggression  Low Sec PVP  92 

Low Sec PVP (Pirates), Small gang PVP

Key Members: Nulab Jones 

Australian Forces Inc.     57 


Austudy The Welfare State Wormhole 82  
Black Aces  Against ALL Authorities Null Sec PVP 129 

Back in -A- and rebuilding.

Key Members: General Gree

Brave Newbies Inc Brave Collective Everything 3000 

50+ Aussies. Happy to take anyone / skill level

Capital Storm WHY so SeriOUs  Null Sec PVP  116 

Null Sec PVP in a fun relaxed atmosphere.

Key Members: Jacabon Mere

Cosmic Cimmerians Usurper. Small ship PVP  49  
Daktaklakpak   Wormhole & PVE  70 Key Members: Flyr Kim, Receg 
Dogmatic Citizens Sadistica Alliance Wormhole & PVE  40  
Drone Orphanage The Welfare State PVE, PVP-In WH. HS Manufacture, Mining 116 

Bunch of aussies and a couple of imports trying to make some iskies and have fun.

Key Member: Mardios

Dropbear Preservation Society Test Alliance Please Ignore  Null Sec PVP 116  Mostly Null Sec PVP, but welcome Industry/PI/Miners too! 
Exemplary Orphans   PVP, PVE 33  
Event Horizon Expeditionaires Acocalypse Now. PvP, Mining, PvE, Industry 76  
Future Corps Sleeper Social Club Wormhole, PvE, PvP  291

C5 WH, Active in AUTZ

Key Members: fido goran, Alibon Paaltomo, Risible Spoon

House of Serenity.  Unprovoked Aggression  Low Sec Pirates  40

One of the few Low sec pirate corporations in the AUTZ.

Key Members: TwobitGW.

I N E X T R E M I S Fidelas Constans  Null Sec PVP  188 

Very active in the AUTZ. Are part of the CFC.

Key Members: industrial oblitorator 

Industry and Investment        
Insomnia Inc Amarr Militia Faction Warfare PVP  10

Active in the AUTZ. Mature gamers only. No Mission Runners.

Key Members: E Varakova 

InterSun Freelance Moon Warriors  Null Sec PVP  315 NPC Null Sec, very active in the AUTZ. Mature gamers only. 
Invictus Australis    Null Sec PVP  24 

One of the founding corps of SCRAP and closely aligned with Van Diemen's Demise.

Very Active in the AUTZ

Key Members: stagz 

Kinder Parteh   Low Sec PVP 13

Group of friends from New Zealand located around Auckland who enjoy a good bit of low sec PVP

Key Members: Vanilla Ninja

Modulated Dreams   Mining, industrial, PVE 30

Key Members: Kurranh Sertan , helples

OH BUGGA   High Sec Industry     
Point Precision Tactical Narcotics Team Null Sec PVP 105 Key Members: T'ab, Gizmo Tinker
Sefem Velox Swift Angels Alliance Wormhole 72  Key Members: Andiedeath 
Serenity. CORP. Diggers Inc Bleak Lands 23 Key Members: Rezel Jesta
Sudden Buggery     37 Key Members: Izrid 
Sons of Alexander AL3XANDE3R  Small Gang, Null Sec PvP  105  Key Members: Selucid 
Southern Cross Empire Flying Dangerous  PVP  987   
Southern Technologies    Industry 47  Key Members: Daidalos Kriegen, Checkmeister Sirober 
Stimulus Rote Kapelle Null Sec PVP 181  
The Brotherhood of Chaos Confederation of xXPIZZAXx PvP 52 Key Members: Taleneikov, Wanto Xadi, Nina Chelien
The Church of Awesome Caldari State Capturing PvP, Faction Warfare 27 Key Members: IbanezLaney
The Conference Elite Rainbow dash Friends Low Sec Pirates / High Sec Gankers  16  Key Members: lotalanon
The Nightrage Diggers Inc Missions, Industry Mining 17  Key Members: Saxxa Roth'Gar, Anomilk Dairlylover
The Nyan Cat Pirates The Retirement Club Low Sec Pirates / Null Sec  63  Key Members: Ezeria Mistanta 
Van Diemen's Demise Scrap Iron Flotilla  Null Sec PVP  123 

Founding corporation of SCRAP

Very Active in the AUTZ

Key Members: Dark Razer (CEO of Alliance), Kryptyk (CEO of corp) 

Unified Combatants Pwnasaurus  Null Sec PvP  142 Key Members: Charioa , Atham Riforge , Renna Varenki , Jon Kauton  
Wolfpack     22 Key Members: UltraNoobian 
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