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AUTZ Alliance List

  • Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The following is a list of Alliances that are known to have a Multiple AUTZ based corp's.

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Diggers Inc

Seeking: Mature players, New player friendly

Members: 75

Location: Bleak Lands

Occupation: PvE, Industry, Mining, 

History: Recently established Alliance of primarily AUTZ players,

Requirement requirements:



Swift Angels Alliance

Members: 110

Location: Low Sec, Worm Hole Space

Occupation: Faction Warfare PVP + Wormholes

Contact: Andiedeath


The Welfare State

Seeking: Mission runners (level 4's for Gallente/Minmatar), Miners(Can field 8-12 Hulks with 2-4 Orca's), light PVP'ers, Wormholers.

Members: 100 (90% Aussies)

Location: Sinq Laison Region, near Dodixie. Or within a C6 wormhole.

Occupation: PvP (Small Gang), Mission, Mining, Manufacture, W-Space (Anomalies), Exploration, Trading, PI.

Tax: 5-10%

Note: Close knit friendly bunch with around 15 active -3hs/+3hrs around Downtime. Looking for casual->Hardcore players who enjoy EVE. We are currently setup with an Alliance with 3 divisional corporations. Austudy: c5 wormhole dwellers, Centrelink: Low-sec PVP, Revenant Skies: Industry, Mining and Missioning.

Contact: Suittam, Darayn, Axesis, Fromil, TheOmega or Amishrakefight

Channel: Austudy


Unprovoked Aggression

Seeking: PVP Focused Players

Members: 220

Location: Low Sec/NPC Null Sec

Occupation: Low and Null sec PVP, Small-Medium Gang

History: Unprovoked Aggression was formed from some experienced Eve players and has morphed into a prime Low Sec Alliance. Between its Corps, UA has a good US and AU time zone presence.

Recruitment Requirements: At least 5mil SP and PVP experience Required

Contact: HAMBER BOGAN, Shuriath, nulab jones

Channels: -UA- Public


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