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Fighting for Fountain


The activity has been building up for the last week in the Australian time zone of Eve-Online as both the CFC and TEST & Allies have started setting their reinforced timers to the AUTZ for both stations and Ihubs throughout Fountain. Fights have been hard to come by recently though with CFC forces holding back and not engaging in fights with their Tengu fleets but having bombing runs go through instead.


On Sunday evening a combined N3 fleet with S2N, NC., SCRAP and associated allies formed a heavy armour fleet with Navy Issue Apocalypse’s, Abaddon’s Navy Issue Armageddon’s with T3 support and logistics and went up against a much larger CFC fleet in Y-1W01 which included Tengu’s, Scimitar’s, a group of Recons consisting of Huginn’s and Lachesis which then proceeded to drop blap dreadnaughts on the armor fleet resulting in heavy losses for the N3 fleet


The 4-EP Ihub was put into armour reinforced on Monday the 17th of June shortly after down time with the 4-EP station also coming out of reinforced around 2 hours before down time on Tuesday 18th of June. This resulted in a large N3 fleet form up with T3’s consisting of Legions and Loki’s, a large group of Dominix with sentry drones, support ships, and Apocalypses were supplied by a separate TEST & Allies fleet with armour logistics as well. A small fight occurred with less than 1.5B ISK worth of CFC ships destroyed and a Goonswarm SBU was destroyed. Looking to come back and finish the job on the 18th at around 10:30 Eve Time and take out the IHub but this was no longer possible due to a Fweddit spy in TEST stealing the SBU from the XF- gate. At this stage on Thursday the station is still in CFC hands and occasional fighting is still occurring but it has calmed down in light of all of the other timers available across the region.


ZUE-NS is also a station system that has been hotly contested for the last 24 hours or so with almost 100 ships killed in that period so far. An N3 fleet formed yesterday to deal with the timer and consisted again of Dominix’s with sentries, support T3’s and Armageddon’s coming along. There was not much fighting with the battleships chasing after the faster Tengu fleet the CFC brought with around 2.5B ISK worth of ships destroyed on each side. The CFC bombing wing made multiple runs with the largest negated by the Dominix fleet jumping out of the system as the bombs headed toward them. 


The ZUE-NS station was repaired by the N3 fleet and then re-enforced again so that the station can be dealt with at a more convenient time with the station coming out of armour reinforced 68 hours after it was shot putting the timer around 10:00 Eve Time on Saturday 22nd of June. 


If you have any additional info on what’s going on in the Australian time zone from any of the participating sides point of view feel free to get in contact via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a write up!

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