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CCP View of the War in Fountain

War in Fountain: 

This influence map image was provided as part of of press information pack put together by CCP for E3.

It shows a simplified Influence map and a colored suggestion on how the the Alliance groups are aligned within Null Sec with respect the the fight for Fountain. 

The image was labelled - "Invasion of Fountain Player Influence Map"

It was put together by the authors of the well regards Influence Map of EVE , it does a reasonable job of summarizing the current situation with respect to Alliance grouping. Although, as we know in EVE thing can change VERY quickly.

What is interesting is that CCP decided to include this low resolution graphic among series of high resolution images showing the various features of the recent expansion Oydessy.

CCP, with good reason, appears keen to try and capture and put on show at E3, one of the MAJOR selling points of EVE - that is, the content and game play the players create within their sandbox!

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