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Where are all the Aussies

  • Tuesday, 25 June 2013
  • Written by  Jacabon Mere
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The AU community is a respectable percentage of EVE Online players worldwide given our relatively small population. Using numbers released by CCP with the CSM (Council of Stellar Management) results, 3.71% or roughly 15,200 accounts are owned by Australians. Yes 3.71% doesn’t sound like much but that is nearly 50% more per head of population than the US.


There is one major unknown in working out how many Australian bodies sit behind that 15,200, the fact that many players have multiple accounts. 


Without actually having any solid data on this and as CCP are unlikely to admit that 50% of the subscribers are actually the other 50% playing in disguise. However, it hardly matters in the big scheme of things.

What we do know is that there are a large number of Australians playing EVE.

In recent years, that number, and publicity of Australian TZ corporations in EVE has significantly increased, however it’s quite obvious that the number of Aussies in active Aussie corps is nowhere near the 15,200 Aussie accounts.

So where are all the Aussies?

Looking through the list of Aussie corps on this website I count close to 2100 Aussies in primarily Aussie corps. That’s probably counting a heck of a lot of alts, let alone non Aussies.

That leaves many thousands outside of a fairly comprehensive list of Aussie corps. Not even close to 50% of Aussies are in primarily Aussie corps.

The list does exclude some notable exceptions though, many of the mega corps in EVE, for example Goonwaffe, Dreddit, RvB and Eve University all house significant numbers of Aussies.

However, from my maths, and from talking to many Aussie who have come in from the "wilderness" there are many lonely Aussies scattered far and wide across the galaxy living a life of isolation and empty corp channels. 

This may suit some, however I’m sure that many would enjoy the benefits of being in a corp with people that greet your good evening with a good evening of their own, and that are actually easy to understand.

An active Aussie community that isn’t scattered across the EVE Universe means greater possibilities for all AUTZ EVE players and it is up to everyone to support the great Aussie groups that are out there and to advertise the fact that we as Aussies can both create great content within our own timezone, and make a impact big or small in the grand scheme of EVE-Online.

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